Our Services at Meridian Search & Advisory

Our work is your work. You retain the intellectual capital generated through the search process, including the database of contacts generated.

Working with us can be less costly and more flexible than working with a traditional search firm. We offer a transparent fee structure based on a basic salary only.

One key difference is that we operate exclusively for our clients, and do not trade independently in the open market. We believe that our approach ensures a high degree of attention to the client and ensures that we are aligned with the holistic talent strategy that we deliver across your organisation.

We represent clients and candidates at mid- to senior levels across all disciplines within the financial markets sector. These include:

At Meridian, we employ three different models of engagement:

Contingency Search and Selection

This does not refer to a traditional contingency plan. The contingency here is that Meridian Search & Advisory does not get paid by clients unless they choose to employ a candidate that we have presented.

The benefits of this 'no hire, no fee' method for our clients is obvious, and they are in control of the entire process. Simply put, if we send them candidates that are not suitable, they are not obliged to interview them. This means that it is in our best interest to send our clients the very best candidates that we can source - and as quickly as possible.

Exclusive Retained Search

This is a boutique approach and suits the top end of the recruitment market for senior and specialised hires, where salaries are high and suitable candidates are scarce. It is really the opposite of contingency search and selection, as our clients are paying to “retain” us exclusively in order to guarantee results. In this top end of the market of highly specialised skills, large salaries, excellent benefits, and high degrees of responsibility, tact is essential. Meridian Search & Advisory will go out of our way to ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times. We have built up an extensive professional network, which is critical in the headhunting process and invaluable to the success of our searches.

Project-based Advisory Service

We offer bespoke benchmarking services to our clients to give them a comparison with what their competitors are paying their employees, what industry trends are emerging, and latest hiring practices.

Market mapping:
This is a service that we offer our clients to help them to understand their competitors’ organisational structure and intellectual capital. We will endeavour to deliver a robust map of our client’s competitors within defined target sectors, further broken down into specific companies and segmented groups or teams. This also helps us to develop an understanding of who might be contemplating a move within the industry so that, when our clients are ready to hire, we have them waiting in the wings to fill existing, newly created and future roles.

"I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies."
Lawrence Bossidy, General Electric